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Welcome to the home of eNYPD. It’s name stands for Entry Points Detector which is the actual purpose of eNYPD. Based on an application’s used frameworks eNYPD detects methods in Java-based software systems that can be controlled by external users. This information is crucial for different kinds of security analyses, such as Threat Modeling, input validation analyses, or security metric calculation.

Since the detection and extraction depends on the employed frameworks and requires framework knowledge it is not an easy step. To help with out own anaylses and other researchers, we implemented eNYPD. eNYPD is a static analysis to parse different application artifacts, such as deployment descriptors, template files, and source code to identify all existing entry points. eNYPD is based on Soot a greate OpenSource framework for static analyses.

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The page on eNYPD launched today and is still under construction. Please stay tuned for more information.